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How to Connect an Inverter at your home with Battery Backup

Today we will explain how to Install Inverter and battery connection at home. Load shedding in some countries is without a doubt so we have to introduce Inverter in our home. In this article, I have explain the full details and clarify the full insights regarding the Installation of Inverter at our home.

inverter battery connection

Need Of Inverter

There is just a single thing that is Battery is accessible by which we can store electrical energy for use during load shedding. In any case, we realize that battery is a DC source. In our home, the all electrical equipment are made for 230 V AC supply. So we require 230 V AC supply to run our electrical devices. The inverter in our home is a gadget which takes 12 V DC supply and gives 230 V AC Supply. So Inverter is a circuit or you can call a gadget which changes over DC to AC.

Inverter Rating

For installing inverter in our homes, we must have to know about our load which we want to run during load shedding so that inverter can easily drive the loads. Thus, the selection of rating of Inverter is very important. Inverter has its rating in KVA. It must be noted that inverter should be of higher rating then required value because usually electrical devices draws more current then its rated value at start.

Battery Rating For Inverter

One must select the rating of battery according to required time of use. The formula for battery rating selection is:

Ampere Hour = (Total Load × Required Time(Hours)) / Battery Voltage
Inverter Connection Diagram

Inverter Connection Diagram

This is not intended to be a complete system diagram; fusing, disconnects, and grounding should comply with local electric codes.

  1. Inverter installed in battery-based PV systems should ALWAYS be wired directly to the battery bank or +/- system bus.
  2. NEVER wire an inverter to the Load terminal output of any Morning-star controller (doing so can damage the controller’s Load circuitry).
  3. The Charge Controller shown above can be ANY Morning-star charge controller.
  4. The Sure Sine inverter shown above can be ANY model inverter

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