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Digital Electronics

As We know there are two types of signals i.e. Digital (Discrete) signals and other one is analogue (Continuous) signals. The area of engineering or research field related to these two terms are known as Digital Electronics or Analogue Electronics respectively. Now coming towards the area of digital electronics, it is essential to understand that wide range of our communication industry is now relaying on digital electronics control system. The main purpose and perhaps the revolutionary advantage of digital electronics decrease in size and advancement in technology.

Here we will discuss various topics of digital electronics from the very basics to the advanced level. All those topics are discuss in such a way that if anyone go through them will grasp the very basic to advanced level knowledge at very first attempt.

Basic Logic Functions and Standard Logic Gates
Boolean Algebra
Boolean Expressions
Karnaugh Maps
Analysis and Design of Combinational Logic Circuits
Number Systems
Binary Arithmetic and Binary Codes
Single-bit and Multi-bit Adder Circuits
Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
Decoders and Encoders
Latches and Flip-Flops
Registers and Counters
Analysis and Design of Sequential Logic Circuit